Priestly and Religious Vocations

The loving environment of a family draws forth an individual’s greatest talents and gifts. We’ve come to realize that creating an atmosphere in which children can hear the Lord’s call is one of the most significant responsibilities resting on our shoulders as parents. Our own lives must reflect the presence of God, His Word and the love He offers His people. Parents, do you encourage your children to develop their talents and gifts? Do you encourage your children to think of Church ministry as a possible life choice?

Website for Religious Vocations

Would you like to find out more about religious priests, brothers and sisters, read their stories and find opportunities to meet and pray with them? The website: Religious Life Wisconsin, www.religiouslifewi.org is the Vocation Ministers of the Milwaukee Archdiocese site. On the website you will find a directory of contact information for women’s and men’s communities, as well as a calendar of events, stories of service and other helpful information. We invite you to check it out!