How do I schedule a baptism?

The Baptismal Preparation Class is offered in English at Holy Family Church. Pre-registration IS NECESSARY for the class; please register using this form.

For more information, view our baptism page

How do I schedule a wedding?

To schedule a wedding at a Holy Family Catholic Community location, contact our Marriage Coordinator Sue Kemp at (920) 921-0580 x134 or via email to skemp@hffdl.org

How do I Schedule a funeral?

Contact the funeral home of your choice. They will contact the parish.

How do I Register with the parish?
How do I Register a child for Christian Formation classes?

Contact the Christian Formation Office at 920-921-0580 or visit hffdl.org/CF

How do I Register a child for St. Mary's Springs Academy?

Visit the St. Mary’s Springs Academy website to enroll: https://www.smsacademy.org/apply/admissions/apply/.

How do I Share my time and talent with the parish?

Contact the parish office at 920-921-0580 if you have any questions on where you could volunteer.

How do I Ask a question about my parish contributions?

Contact the parish office at 920-921-0580 if you have any questions about making a contribution.

How do I Contact a priest after business hours?

Contact the parish office at 920-921-0580.  The recording will give instructions for contacting a priest directly.

How do I Put an announcement in the bulletin?

Contact the Sarah at 920-921-0580 X143 or email at sarahr@hffdl.org.

How do I Keep Us Up-to-Date

If you have changed your name, address, phone number, email or any other information that we have on file for you at the parish office, we would appreciate a phone call to alert us to these changes so that we may keep our database current. Call the parish office at 920-921-0580  with your new information! Thank you for your cooperation.

How do I Become a Member of Holy Family

Registration with Holy Family is done in person at the parish office or online via this form. Registration and orientation takes approximately 30 minutes. Appointments for registration are available Monday – Thursday between 7:30am and 4:15 pm & Friday 7:30-Noon. Walk-in registrations are welcome, but appointments are preferred.

To set up an appointment to become a member of Holy Family, contact Michelle at 920-921-0580 or via email at michellel@hffdl.org.

How do I join the local Knights of Columbus Council?

The Knights play a key role in our parish and the greater Fond du Lac community. To join Council 664, email gkkc664@gmail.com.

Quick Staff Contacts

To reach our staff members call the Parish Office at (920) 921-0580:


  • Terry Drake: ext. 101
  • Michelle Ludtke: ext. 104
  • Ellen Kant: ext. 105

Christian Formation:

  • Sabina Carter: ext. 501
  • Andrew Skiff: ext. 502
  • Trisha Zimmerman: ext. 503
  • Sue Kemp: ext. 504
  • Kelsey Carter: ext. 303


  • Fr. Ryan Pruess: ext. 601
  • Fr. Fabian Rodas: ext. 602
  • Fr. Edward Sanchez: ext. 603
  • Fr. Justin Weber: ext. 604
  • Fr. Alejandro Umul: ext. 605

Communications and Marketing

  • Sarah Razner: ext. 201

Hispanic Ministry:

  • Fr. Fabian Rodas: ext. 602
  • Carmen Valenzuela: ext. 203

Human Concerns:

  • Erin Cobb: ext. 301
  • Mary Denzin: ext. 302
  • Kelsey Carter: ext. 303

Liturgy and Music:

  • Paul Thelen: ext. 401
  • Eva Thelen Dunphy: ext. 202


  • Al Nicolai: ext. 103


  • Michelle Ludtke: ext. 104
  • Eva Thelen Dunphy: 202

Frequently Asked Questions