Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a baptism?

The Baptismal Preparation Class is offered in English at Holy Family Church. Pre-registration IS NECESSARY for the class; please register using this form.

For more information, view our baptism page

How do I schedule a wedding?

To schedule a wedding at a Holy Family Catholic Community location, contact our Marriage Coordinator Sue Kemp at (920) 921-0580 x134 or via email to skemp@hffdl.org

How do I Schedule a funeral?

Contact the funeral home of your choice. They will contact the parish.

How do I Register with the parish?

Contact Michelle at 920-921-0580 X140 or email at michellel@hffdl.org

How do I Register a child for Christian Formation classes?

Contact the Christian Formation Office at 920-921-0580

How do I Register a child for St. Mary's Springs Academy?
How do I Share my time and talent with the parish?

Contact the parish office at 920-921-0580 if you have any questions on where you could volunteer.

How do I Ask a question about my parish contributions?

Contact the parish office at 920-921-0580 if you have any questions about making a contribution.

How do I Contact a priest after business hours?

Contact the parish office at 920-921-0580.  The recording will give instructions for contacting a priest directly.

How do I Put an announcement in the bulletin?

Contact the Sarah at 920-921-0580 X143 or email at sarahr@hffdl.org.

How do I Keep Us Up-to-Date

If you have changed your name, address, phone number, email or any other information that we have on file for you at the parish office, we would appreciate a phone call to alert us to these changes so that we may keep our database current. Call the parish office at 920-921-0580  with your new information! Thank you for your cooperation.

How do I Become a Member of Holy Family

Registration with Holy Family is done in person at the parish office. Registration and orientation takes approximately 30 minutes. Appointments for registration are available Monday – Thursday between 7:30am and 4:15pm & Friday 7:30-Noon. Walk-in registrations are welcome, but appointments are preferred.

To set up an appointment to become a member of Holy Family, contact Gail at 920-921-0580 or via email at gkraig@hffdl.org.