The first step leading to full incorporation with Christ and His Church is baptism. Thus, we cannot celebrate baptism indiscriminately. Parents accept a great deal of responsibility in presenting a child for baptism. They will be the child’s first teachers in the faith. The child has the right to seek from them the best example. With all this in mind, we ask parents to prepare themselves seriously for this privilege. Specifically, they do this by participating in a process aimed at preparing them for the baptism of their child. Prior to baptism, the parents must fulfill two requirements; the first is to attend a Baptismal Preparation Class and the second is that at least one parent needs to be a registered member of our Holy Family Catholic Community.

The Baptismal Preparation Class is offered in English at Holy Family Church. Pre-registration IS necessary for the in person class (see schedule and registration link below). Online class options are also available (see below). Both parents are strongly encouraged to attend the class, godparents are welcome to attend also. Please bring any questions that you may have to class, there is no paperwork that you need to bring. A talk with a priest, after either the in-person or online class is also required.

General Baptism Schedule

This schedule is provided as a guide for determining what might work best for your family. WE HAVE A LIMIT on the number of Baptisms we can offer at each Mass. Please do not share the date and location with family and friends until you have received a confirmation email that your child’s Baptism is on the schedule. Thank you!

First Weekend of the month (Saturday or Sunday)

Sacred Heart
4:00 pm during Mass on Saturday
9:00 am during Mass on Sunday
11:00 am during Mass on Sunday

Holy Family (Spanish/bilingual)
12:00 pm (noon) during Mass on Sunday

Second Weekend of the month (Saturday or Sunday)

St. Mary
7:15 am during Mass on Sunday

Our Risen Savior
10:00 am during Mass on Sunday

St. Peter
4:00 pm during Mass on Saturday

8:00 am during Mass on Sunday

Third Weekend of the Month

Holy Family (Baptism with a Deacon)
10:00 am AFTER Mass on Sunday

St. Mary (Spanish/bilingual)
10:00 am on Saturday

Holy Family (Spanish/bilingual)
12:00 pm (noon) during Mass on Sunday

Fourth Weekend of the month (Saturday or Sunday)

Holy Family
4:00 pm during Mass on Saturday
8:00 am during Mass on Sunday
10:00 am during Mass on Sunday

Fifth Weekend of the month

We do not take Baptisms on this weekend

Registration (required)

At least one of the parents of the child to be baptized must be a registered member of Holy Family and show signs of active participation in the parish and worship. Meetings to register as members of Holy Family can be completed over the phone or in person. If you prefer to meet in person, an appointment will need to be made by calling Michelle Ludtke at the below contact information. 

The registration meeting will take approximately 20 minutes at the Holy Family Church Office, 271 Fourth Street Way, Fond du Lac. At this meeting, please bring the year and location (parish/church/city/state) where you, and anyone else you may be registering, (such as a spouse and/or dependent children), received the Sacraments of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation. If anyone was baptized in a non-Catholic Christian church, that information is also requested. Please bring this sacramental information for all persons that you are registering to the meeting.

The baptism of children not from this parish, can only take place with permission and instruction from the parish of the inquiring family. Permission from their pastor must be given, in writing, to the Holy Family pastor or deacon who is to preside at the baptism. It should be noted that the pastor is obliged to delay baptism in cases where there is little or no practice of faith in the home. In such instances, we will work with the parents until they are ready to provide an acceptable religious environment for the child.

Baptism times and dates vary by parish site, please view the attached schedule. Please contact Michelle to discuss which Mass and date will work best for you. Deacons are ordained by the Archbishop and are commissioned to do baptisms in the same way that our priests baptize.

Please access the Baptism Registration Form online below to sign up your child for Baptism or print off the below form. A reminder that you will need to be registered as members of Holy Family and have plans to or already have attended the Baptismal Preparation Class. Once the form is received, we will schedule your child’s Baptism, and you will receive an email confirmation. Please do not share the date with others until you have received that email confirming that all has been set up. 


Baptism Classes Schedule (English)

The Baptismal Preparation Class is offered in English at Holy Family Church. Pre-registration IS NECESSARY for the class; please register using the form below. Both parents are strongly encouraged to attend, godparents are welcome also. Please bring any questions that you may have to class, you do not need to bring any paperwork with you. An online class option is also available (see information below). *If your child is over the age of 7, please contact Sabina Carter ( for more information before signing up for class.

Baptism Classes Schedule (English)

Classes are usually held on the first Monday of the month, unless noted otherwise, at 6:30-7:30 pm in the Holy Family Board Room (enter the office doors, go to the first hallway and turn left, the conference room is all the way down the hallway on the left-hand side),
271 Fourth Street Way, on the following Mondays:

October 4, 2021
November 8, 2021 (not the 1st Monday due to All Saints’ Day)
December 6, 2021
January 3, 2022
February 7, 2022
March 7, 2022
April 4, 2022
May 2, 2022
June 6, 2022

Pre-registration is required for the in-person classes.

Due to Covid 19 please contact Sabina Carter ( or 920-921-0580 ext. 136) to make arrangements for an online class option.

Baptism Classes (Spanish)

Si prefieren la clase de Preparación para Baptismo que se presenta en español, favor de contactar a Carmen Valenzuela a para inscribirse para la hora de reunion.

If you prefer the Baptismal Preparation Class that is presented in Spanish, please contact Carmen Valenzuela at to register for a meeting time.

Becoming Catholic

Request your Baptism Certificate

Do you need a copy of our Baptism certificate? Please contact Director of Operations Michelle Ludtke at (920) 921-0580 ext. 104 to make your request.


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