Declaration of Invalidity (Annulment)

Declaration of Invalidity for Marriage

(Formerly known as “annulment”)

Those who have been in a previous, valid marriage that ended in divorce must have that marriage declared invalid before another marriage can take place. Formerly called an annulment, this declaration of invalidity does not mean that the marriage didn’t take place. This declaration only speaks to the sacramentality of a marriage; it is a Church declaration that the marriage was invalid because one or both of the partners were unable to freely enter into or maintain the marriage. There are many circumstances that can contribute toward a union that is not a sacramental marriage in the sense that Christ intends. Once a declaration of invalidity has been granted, the persons involved are free to marry again in the Catholic Church.

The process takes about one year to complete. This process is not meant to be an invasion of privacy. No one can buy a declaration of invalidity. However, the Archdiocese does charge a minimal office fee for providing this service. Arrangements for the fee for processing declarations are very flexible.

To begin the process of procuring a declaration of invalidity, contact the parish office and make an appointment to discuss this matter with a pastor.