Growing Stewards – More than Giving Money and Time

Auxiliary Bishop of Green Bay, Robert Morneau, one of the apostles of stewardship in North America, has spoken of his “12 gardens of stewardship.” He has suggested that there are (at least) 12 different areas in our lives in which we can cultivate stewardship including being a good citizen, taking care of ourselves, consuming “good” TV/movies/literature, being a good family member, etc. His point is that stewardship of all that God has given us extends far beyond just giving time and money to the Church and charity.

For Parents
Think of all the ways that you are a good steward beyond giving money and time. The time you give to being a good parent (and becoming a better one), the participation in your local community, staying healthy (like exercising, getting a flu shot, or eating right), etc. Pat yourself on the back for those ways you are a good steward.

Living Stewardship Together
When you get a chance, help your children to see the things you do (taking care of the environment, giving to charity, helping out your neighbors or family) as good stewardship.

For Children
Remember that taking care of the planet, reading good books, praying regularly, being good to your friends, eating healthy food, are all ways of being a good steward.