Wedding Celebrations

Weddings taking place at/through Holy Family Catholic Congregation

Catholic weddings can be in the setting of the Eucharist (the Mass) if they are held in a church. A Liturgy of the Word celebration can be held in a church or other appropriate venue within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Both of these options are available even if one participant is not Catholic.

Weddings taking place with a minister of another Christian Religion

A Catholic marrying a Christian of other another faith may be married in their partner’s church and have their marriage recognized by the Catholic Church by going through the marriage preparation at Holy Family. This marriage will then be sacramentally recognized.

Validating (Blessing) of a Non-Sacramental Marriage

Catholics who were married in a civil ceremony (or any ceremony that did not take place in a Catholic church) and did not obtain permission from the Catholic Church but wish to have their marriage recognized by the Church, may have the union validated (blessed). In order for the marriage to be considered valid in the eyes of the Church, couples must present copies of the baptismal certificates for both parties, a copy of the marriage license and must complete the FOCCUS premarital inventory.