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Faithful Citizenship in our Archdiocese

Faithful Citizenship in our Archdiocese

You can find these resources at: www.archmil.org/offices/social-justice/Faithful-Citizenship.htm

Elections are a time for debate and decisions about the leaders, policies, and values that will guide our nation. The bishop’s Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship gives pastoral guidance to help Catholics exercise their political responsibility in light of our faith. This teaching document integrates new policy developments in the U.S. as well as new papal teachings, including those of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

Faithful Citizenship is not a voter’s guide or a scorecard of issues. It doesn’t offer direction on how to vote, tell Catholics who to vote for, or offer guidance on which candidate or party best reflects the Church’s moral framework. Instead, it shares Church teaching to help assess political platforms, campaigns, and some of the important issues that face our communities and world today.

“We need to participate for the common good. ” -Pope Francis