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Window Campaign Update

Window Campaign Update

Holy Family Catholic Community is pleased to announce the completion of the Stained Glass Window Campaign for Holy Family Church. As of January 1, we have reached and exceeded our goal of $620,000!

A resounding thank you to Pat and Mary McCullough, and Dr. Brita McCullough and Joe Shanahan for enthusiastically stepping up to chairing this campaign.

Our deepest gratitude to Director of Advancement, Gail Kraig, for facilitating the entire campaign from start to finish. Thank you to Matthew Rodenkirch, Communications Coordinator, for communications services; to Joe Bird, Kathy Bunge, Mary Ann Adler, Mary Carol Zunker, Janice Elsinger and Kelsey Carter for administrative support; to Paul Thelen for his leadership in many aspects of the project and for maintaining ongoing communication with the designer and her staff; to Al Nicolai for facilities assistance; and to our Holy Family Priests, Deacons and other Staff Members for their help and encouragement

Most importantly, a very special and sincere thank you to all the parishioners and friends of Holy Family Catholic Community who contributed financially to the campaign over the last two years. Your generosity has been overwhelming. Thank you, too, to all those who prayed for the success of the campaign.

A new special fund has now been created to assist in the funding of future capital projects—the Capital Improvement Fund. If you have any questions regarding how to contribute to this fund, and what some of the upcoming projects might include, please contact Gail Kraig at the parish office.

The installation of the final phase of the window will occur in March and the entire project will be completed by Easter. Alleluia!