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New Envelopes!

New Envelopes!

During the month of November, those of you who are signed up to receive monthly parish contribution envelopes will notice a “new look” when you receive your packet in the mail! Holy Family has chosen a new company to provide the envelopes for our parishioners, (AGAIN, ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE SIGNED UP TO RECEIVE THEM), reflecting a savings of over $15,000 per year for our parish! We are very excited to be able to save such a significant amount of money and yet provide high quality envelopes for our parishioners who request them.

For those of you who are signed up to received parish contribution envelopes, you should have recently received the first packet from our new envelope company. We have gotten many compliments on the design of the envelopes and the savings to the parish by using this new provider. Please note that the envelopes will be sent every two months. This means that the envelopes that you recently received that were mailed in mid-October are the envelopes for November/December. Going forward the envelopes that will be mailed in mid-December will be for January/February; the envelopes that will be mailed in mid-February will be the envelopes for March/April; the envelopes that will be mailed in mid-April are the envelopes for May/June; the envelopes mailed in mid-June will be the envelopes for July/August, and finally, the envelopes mailed in mid-August will be the envelopes for September/October. If you have any questions regarding the contribution envelopes, wish to discontinue having them mailed to you or wish to sign up to receive them, please call the parish office, (920) 921-0580 and the receptionist will be happy to assist you.

It seems that it would be beneficial at this time to also review all the ways in which parishioners are able to make financial contributions to Holy Family Catholic Community. Please remember that ALL contributions to the parish are tax deductible.

For review, then, please look over the attached letter for all the ways you can support Holy Family with your financial contributions!

Open new-envelopes-in-20171.pdf
Director of Advancement
(920) 921-0580 ext.140