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Support Knights of Columbus with fish fry, Wednesday meal

The Knights of Columbus members have helped Holy Family Catholic Community for many years, and during this time of COVID-19, the organization is asking for your assistance. On Wednesday nights, the Club offers "take out only” from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. In addition, their Friday Fish Fry is available for your dine-in or takeout pleasure. The special for the night as well as the menu for Wednesday and Fridays meals are available online. Please visit their Facebook page @Avenue795, or website avenue795.com for more information. To place your order for takeout, please call (920) 921-1290, and club manager, Jim Rieder, will be happy to assist you. 

Potential Rectory Project

On Tuesday, January 19, Fr. Ryan held a Zoom Q&A to discuss the potential rectory project. Watch below:

Holy Family Catholic Community recently commissioned a facilities study to assess the structural and ministerial needs of our six parishes. The results of that study are still in process, however, it is evident to our Facilities and Maintenance Committee the repairs needed at the three rectory buildings we own will cost over $500,000 to adequately repair and upgrade them, and we would still have old buildings after the renovations.

Does it make sense to invest a sizable amount of money into three aging buildings? Or, should we explore the possibility of constructing a new rectory at the Holy Family Church site where our priests serving Holy Family can live and work together? We are exploring the feasibility of constructing a new rectory at our Holy Family site.

Initial conversations have been very positive and I am excited to report that to date a number of sizable gifts totaling $400,000 have already been made to this project. The total project cost could be $1.5 to $1.8 million.

In the weeks ahead, I will be sharing with you more news about this proposed project, the results of this survey and the outcome of the rectory committee meetings. Your input on this project is extremely important!  If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share, I invite you to send them to me via email at rpruess@hffdl.org. 

In the meantime, I ask that you please continue to pray for our parish and for clarity as we explore this project. 

In Christ, 

Fr. Ryan J Pruess
Pastor | Holy Family Catholic Community

Open rectory-overview-and-faq.pdf

Donate to Holy Family via Amazon Registry

Holy Family Catholic Community has launched an Amazon registry to share specific items our ministries are in need of, such as those for Christian Formation and the St. Mary's Outreach Center. Simply purchase an item online and it will be sent to the Parish Office without any extra work for you. To view the registry, please visit amazon.com/wedding/share/HolyFamilyFD

Altar Servers needed

Holy Family is recruiting boys and girls for its Altar Server Ministry. The Altar Server Ministry is a special opportunity for children to participate in the life of the parish as they serve our Lord at the Altar. Altar Server applicants must be Baptized, have received their First Holy Communion, and be in the fourth grade or higher. Training is required. If you and your child(ren) are interested in pursuing this ministry, please complete the Jotform application at form.jotform.com/acords/Server. You will be notified when the training will take place. For any questions, please contact Mary Carol Zunker at mzunker@hffdl.org.

Catholic Stewardship Appeal 2021

The 2021 Catholic Stewardship Appeal is underway! Please view the video below with a message from our Holy Family Catholic Community chairpersons and Archbishop Jerome Listecki to learn how your donations help fund ministries throughout the Archdiocese. 

To donate online, please click here.  

To donate by text, text APPEAL2021 to 414-348-8380.

To donate by mail, send your donation with a check made payable to Catholic Stewardship Appeal to: Archdiocese of Milwaukee
PO Box 070912
Milwaukee, WI 53207-0912.

Director of Operations
(920) 921-0580 ext.140

Archdiocese of Milwaukee's Love Begins Here to help FDL area residents

This summer, Holy Family Catholic Community will welcome youth from throughout the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to participate in various service projects assisting residents in the community as part of its new program, Love Begins Here. Launching this year in the archdiocese, the program brings youth closer to Christ through local mission trips.

Parishioners are invited to contact Holy Family Catholic Community if they have projects around their home they believe the chaperoned students could help with during the week of July 18-23. To inquire, please call the Parish Office at (920) 921-0580.

For more information on Love Begins Here, please visit archmil.org/LBH.

Archbishop Jerome Listecki Easter letter

Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki has shared with us his Easter letter in which he reflects on the lesson we can learn from the three women entering the tomb on Easter morning. The letter is available in English and Spanish below:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Early on Easter morning, three women go to the tomb of Jesus to anoint His body, per Jewish custom. Approaching the tomb, they discuss the dilemma of rolling back the large stone that covers the entrance, for it is too heavy for them to move. It is at this moment that they realize the stone has been rolled away and, upon entering the tomb, Jesus’ body is nowhere to be found. Rather, an angel greets them with the instruction, “Do not be amazed!” Jesus had risen just as He had foretold. (Mark 16:1-7)

How often during this past year have we discussed with one another our human frailty amid the heavy burdens that confront us? Like the three women, we continue with our daily responsibilities amid uncertainty, doubt, and confusion. If this past year has taught us anything, a lesson may be that we have less control over our lives and the successes we seek than we once thought. Rather than depress or frustrate us, this realization should be a consolation to all those who celebrate the Resurrection.

It was precisely in this moment of the recognition of weakness that the glory of God was made manifest. While the women entered the empty tomb in sheer amazement, the heavenly being reminded them, “Do not be amazed!” What is burdensome, overwhelming, destructive, and even deadly for humans, is conquered by Christ. God has promised to save us, and Christ has surely risen from the dead. Do not be amazed!

What the angel is instructing the women – and all of us now – is to believe that God is faithful. Every worry of the human heart comes from a lack of trust in God’s faithfulness. During Lent, we may have profoundly experienced these worries as we tried to let go of the behaviors or treasures we cling to for security and comfort. At Easter, we rejoice in the event of God’s faithfulness that destroys the fears, even the ultimate fear of death, forever. Rather than be amazed, or in disbelief of the saving power of God, we are called to rejoice in His faithfulness and love for us.

I invite you to ponder the reading from Isaiah 54 that was read at the Easter Vigil. We hear the Lord say:

Though the mountains leave their place and the hills be shaken, my love shall never leave you nor my covenant of peace be shaken, says the LORD, who has mercy on you…

All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children. In justice shall you be established, far from the fear of oppression, where destruction cannot come near you. (Is 54:10-14)

In the many ways we have all been challenged, confounded, or wounded this past year, I ask you to bring these burdens to the empty tomb. Together with the women, encounter the glory of God’s faithfulness and let your heart rejoice in His mercy and love for you. His love will never leave you. Let us all bring the joy of the Resurrection, which we celebrate at every Mass, to our families and communities.

With a heart full of gratitude for your faithfulness, I am, Sincerely yours in Christ,

Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki

Queridos hermanos y hermanas en Cristo,

Muy temprano por la mañana el domingo de Pascua, tres mujeres van a la tumba de Jesús para ungir Su cuerpo, según la costumbre judía. Acercándose a la tumba, tratan de resolver el dilema sobre cómo quitar la gran piedra que cubre la entrada, ya que es demasiado pesada para ellas. Es en este momento que se dan cuenta de que la piedra ha sido removida y, al entrar a la tumba, el cuerpo de Jesús no se encuentra en ninguna parte. Más bien, un ángel les saluda con la instrucción: “¡No se sorprendan!” Jesús había resucitado tal como él lo había predicho (Marcos 16, 1-7).

¿Cuán a menudo durante este último año hemos reflexionado con los demás sobre nuestra fragilidad humana en medio de las pesadas cargas que enfrentamos? Al igual que las tres mujeres, continuamos con nuestras responsabilidades diarias en medio de la incertidumbre, la duda y la confusión. Si el año pasado nos ha enseñado algo, es posible que una de las lecciones sea que tenemos menos control, de lo que pensábamos, sobre nuestras vidas y los éxitos que deseamos. En lugar de deprimirnos o frustrarnos, el poder llegar a comprender esta realidad debería ser un consuelo para todos aquellos que celebran la Resurrección.

Fue precisamente en este momento del reconocimiento de la debilidad que se manifestó la gloria de Dios. Cuando las mujeres entraron en la tumba vacía con gran asombro, el ser celestial les recordó: “¡No se sorprendan!” Todo aquello que es duro, abrumador, destructivo e incluso mortal para los seres humanos, es vencido por Cristo. Dios ha prometido salvarnos, y Cristo sin duda ha resucitado de entre los muertos. ¡No se sorprendan!

Lo que el ángel está instruyendo a las mujeres – y a todos nosotros ahora – es creer que Dios es fiel. Toda preocupación del corazón humano proviene de la falta de confianza en la fidelidad de Dios. Durante la Cuaresma, es posible que hayamos experimentado profundamente estas preocupaciones al tratar de desprendernos de los comportamientos o tesoros a los que nos aferramos por seguridad y comodidad. En la Pascua, nos regocijamos en el acontecimiento de la fidelidad de Dios que destruye para siempre todos los miedos, incluso el miedo más grande de todos, el miedo a la muerte. En lugar de sorprendernos, o no creer en el poder salvador de Dios, estamos llamados a regocijarnos en Su fidelidad y amor por nosotros.

Los invito a reflexionar sobre la lectura de Isaías 54 que se leyó en la Vigilia Pascual. Oímos al Señor decir:

Podrán desaparecer los montes y hundirse las colinas, pero mi amor por ti no desaparecerá y mi alianza de paz quedará firme para siempre. Lo dice el Señor, el que se apiada de ti…

Todos tus hijos serán discípulos del Señor, y será grande su prosperidad. Serás consolidada en la justicia. Destierra la angustia, pues ya nada tienes que temer; olvida tu miedo, porque ya no se acercará a ti. (Is 54, 10-14)

Son muchas las muchas maneras en que todos hemos sido desafiados, confundidos o heridos este último año; hoy les pido que lleven estas cargas a la tumba vacía. Junto con las mujeres, encuentren la gloria de la fidelidad de Dios y dejen que su corazón se regocije en Su misericordia y amor por ustedes. Su amor nunca les abandonará. Llevemos todos la alegría de la Resurrección, la cual celebramos en cada Misa, a nuestras familias y comunidades.

Con un corazón lleno de gratitud por su fidelidad, Sinceramente en Cristo,

Arzobispo Jerome E. Listecki

Safe Environment Week April 18-May 24, 2021

Each year in the month of April, which is recognized around the country as child abuse prevention month, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee dedicates a week to elevating the general awareness of the Church's efforts to keep our children safe. We want people to know that we are committed to maintaining safe environments in our parishes and schools through adult child abuse prevention training, criminal background checks for all clergy, volunteers working with minors, and employees; safety training for children in each grade level, and mandatory reporting requirements.
More resources are available on the ArchMil website at: https://www.archmil.org/Offices/Safe-Environment.htm