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Human Concerns

Human Concerns Overview

In difficult and demanding times such as a critical illness, death, imprisonment, divorce or other traumas in life, we may experience high stress, reducing our ability to cope. At these times the help of others may be very valuable. Clergy, human concerns staff and volunteers are often a very important support, and sometimes the presence of a person who is more emotionally detached from the situation can be very helpful.

Every person has his or her own particular spiritual needs, to which the offering of pastoral/spiritual care can be of support. Religious traditions are a source of comfort and direction in life for many. It is our spirituality that is at the core of self-identity and sense of purpose in life.

We minister to others with compassion and prayer. We listen, because that is sometimes all the help a person needs. And of course, we allow God to work through us as we reach out to all God's people; whether young or old, healthy or ill, free or incarcerated, we extend love and support to sustain them in their time of need.

Human Concerns Staff