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Healthy Living with Diabetes Workshop

March 6, 2019 - April 10, 2019

This six week workshop is for adults of all ages who have type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, or who live with someone that does.

Led by trained leaders, some of whom have diabetes, the program focuses on helping you feel better, have more control, and do the things you want to do.

This program is free with an optional workbook purchase of $20. Holy Family will cover the cost of the book of any participant in need.

Workshop dates: Wednesdays, March 6 to April 10
1:00 - 3:30 pm at Holy Family Hall
Space is limited. Preregistration is required!

Register online at Agnesian.com/know-and-go-classes, or call the Agnesian HealthCare Resource Center at 920-926-4960 for more information, or if help is needed with registering.

Hosted at Holy Family by Health & Wellness Ministry


Director of Human Concerns
(920) 921-0580 ext.139

Adam Storey Parish Mission

March 31, 2019 - April 2, 2019


In this parish mission, Adam Storey will show how a life of passion must be rooted in a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. It is in Jesus where we encounter the most passionate lover conceivable. It is in Him where we find fulfillment of the heart's deepest desires. Adam will explore the value of this relationship, common challenges to this relationship, and he'll offer practical and simple ways for everyone to grow in this most precious relationship with God. 

Sunday, March 31, 2019: 6:30pm, Holy Family Church
Passionate Hearts:
The heart of the Christian life is about entering into a loving relationship with God- who first seeks us. During this first evening, Adam will explore why we must open our hearts to God, helping participants see that He is what our hearts most long for- for it is in this relationship where we are most alive. Using the lives of the saints and personal stories, Adam will show that our relationship with God truly has the power to transform us.

Monday, April 1, 2019: 8am, Holy Family Church
This morning session will cover a condensed version of the topics covered in all three evening sessions. 

Monday, April 1, 2019: 6:30pm, Holy Family Church
When the Rubber Meets the Road:
It's easy to think that a vibrant relationship with Jesus is a gift only offered to a few. Not so. In this talk, Adam will show that developing and nurturing this relationship with Jesus is accessible to all of us. however, there are challenges along the way. In this second evening, Adam will explore common challenges for every Catholic, including struggling to find time, feeling awkward, and attempts to hide ourselves from God- and what we can do about it. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2019: 6:30pm, Holy Family Church
Let's Get Real:
Every love story is different, and so is every relationship with the Lord. However, there are small patterns of holiness every Christian can embark upon each day. In this final evening, Adam will offer five simple and concrete disciplines a disciple of the Lord Jesus can add to their day, allowing them to greater fall in love with God and his Catholic Church. 
Director of Christian Formation
920-921-0580 ext.136


April 4, 2019

Holy Family will be offering an Anointing Mass on Thursday, Arpil 4 at 10:00 am at Sacred Heart Church. Several priests will be available for the anointing. Sacred Heart is conveniently accessible for people with wheelchairs. All are welcome.

Since the renewal of the sacraments after Vatican II, the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick has experienced changes. The very name for this sacrament has been changed; from Extreme Unction, which describes a sacrament for the dying, to Anointing of the Sick, which describes a sacrament for those who are ill. The sacrament confers a special grace on persons experiencing illness. The sacrament may be offered more than once, especially in the case of a person becoming seriously ill again or the worsening of a condition. The sacrament is administered to bring spiritual and even physical strength during an illness, especially near the time of death. It is a rite that conveys God’s grace through the power of the Holy Spirit.


What's Behind the Smoke

April 8, 2019

You are invited to join us for an evening of knowledge, purpose, and advocacy. Sandy Bernier, Tobacco Control Coordinator, will share her expertise on some of the latest trends of juuling, e-cigarettes, and vaping. The risks involving these products, for teens and adults, are greater than we believe.

Also that evening, Holy Family parish member, Linda Kroll, will describe her experience of trying to help her son, Adam, battle through his marijuana and alcohol addictions and his death. Hear the ways God has blessed her through grief. A true testimony of how, if we listen, God can help us turn over our worst losses into something so meaningful.

We hope to see you April 8, at
Holy Family Hall, at 6:00 pm.


Luke Spehar: Live in Concert

April 15, 2019

Luke Spehar, a nationally known Catholic singer/songwriter and recording artist, will be performing a concert during Lent. Join us for a beautiful evening of music on Monday, April 15, 6:30-7:45 at Holy Family Church. Luke's heartfelt lyrics are interspersed with virtuoso level guitar work that puts us in mind of the rich tradition of singer/songwriters such as Jim Croce, Paul Simon, and Dave Matthews. Mark your calendars and invite your friends to this powerful spirit-filled event you won't want to miss. For more information visit www.lukespehar.com.
Director of Christian Formation
920-921-0580 ext.136

Faithful Departures

April 16, 2019

How Catholics Face the End of Life

Tuesday, April 16 at 1:00 pm
Holy Family Hall

Father John Mitchell will talk about what Catholics believe about death, funerals, funeral planning, and the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

Chaplain Amy Golm, from SSM Health/Agnesian Healthcare will talk about end of life and how to approach it through palliative and hospice care.

Funeral planning information, Durable Power of Attorney, and a resource guide will be available.
For more information or to register, contact Mary Denzin at Holy Family Offices or mdenzin@hffdl.org.


Human Concerns Associate
(920) 921-0580 ext.128

Holy Family Blood Drive

April 17, 2019

Wednesday, April 17, noon until 5:00 pm in Holy Family Hall
All attempting donors will receive a coupon for 4 free passes to Mt. Olympus Outdoor Waterpark, while supplies last. You must pre-register at either 877-232-4376 or http://bit.ly/HFCCApril2019. Refreshments provided by Holy Family Health & Wellness Ministry. Be a Hero, Give Blood Today!

Easter Sunday Masses

April 20, 2019 - April 21, 2019

Holy Saturday – April 20, 2019
Food Blessing - 12:00 pm at Sacred Heart
Easter Vigil (RCIA) - 8:30 pm at Holy Family (please note later start time)
Holy Saturday Mass fulfills the Sunday obligation.


Easter Sunday – April 21, 2019
Please note that the Mass times this year are reverting back to our usual Sunday Mass schedule (instead of the special schedule in use the last 3 Easters), with minor changes/additions to accommodate the large number of people wanting to attend Mass.  These changes are for Easter Sunday only.

7:00 am - Sacred Heart
7:00 am - St. Peter
7:15 am - St. Mary
8:00 am - Holy Family
8:00 am - Presentation
9:00 am - Sacred Heart
9:00 am - St. Peter
9:30 am - St. Mary
10:00 am - Our Risen Savior
10:15 am - Holy Family*
11:00 am - Sacred Heart
12:00 pm at St. Mary (Spanish)
Please note that there will be no 7:00 pm Sacred Heart Mass

*Easter Egg Hunt
Please join us for our annual Easter Egg Hunt immediately following the 10:15 am Mass at Holy Family! There will be eggs for toddlers through age 8 to collect and take home!