New Purpose for Our Risen Savior Rectory


We wanted to share some good news regarding the use of the Our Risen Savior Rectory!

Beginning this month, it will become home to three single, young adult men who are pursuing a life of holiness. As such, they have chosen to refer to the rectory as the St. Louis House, due to the example St. Louis gave of living a life of holiness in the face of many trials.

Here, the men will live in community with the requirements of participating in Mass and Adoration on a consistent basis. They are also encouraged to be involved in many of the parish’s ministries. As part of the lease agreement, the men will have to follow specific house rules. This includes handling the snow shoveling around the rectory and other duties as warranted.

Fr. Edward has led this charge with support of the rest of the Holy Family Priest Team and parish staff. I have already seen this group’s willingness to be helpful in action with their involvement in the Christian Formation program and Men’s Group, as well as by helping our Facilities Supervisor, Evan Schwalbe, with some manual labor projects.

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle at the Parish Office. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Michelle at the Parish Office.

In Christ,

Fr. Ryan J Pruess

Pastor | Holy Family