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Welcome to WeShare! A new way to support Holy Family with online giving!


Questions about WeShare

Many of you have contacted us with questions about our new online giving option, WeShare. Basically, we are switching over to WeShare from our current program, Parish Pay, because the cost of their services to the parish is quite a bit less than Parish Pay, and WeShare offers much better service to our parishioners through their online capabilities. WeShare also connects with our new parish data base, which was implemented last year, and which will allow us to do more with both programs.

We still recommend that checking or savings account debits be done through us with National Exchange Bank, because there is no charge to Holy Family from National Exchange for this service to us--please note that it doesn't matter at which bank you have your checking/savings account-it simply goes through National Exchange into our account.

Credit  and debit cards can go through Parish Pay or WeShare at this time, but we plan on discontinuing Parish Pay later in the year. If you are currently using Parish Pay, we would ask that you consider making the change to WeShare in the next few months. Again, the benefit for using WeShare is that the charge to Holy Family for servicing the charge account debits is quite a bit less per transaction than Parish Pay, and it will work better with our new parish data base, as well. This change certainly allows us to be good stewards of the parish dollars!

In order to WeShare, just cancel out of Parish Pay by logging on their website and terminating/canceling your account. And if you are new to online giving, please consider signing up for WeShare at this time! It is a very convenient and secure way to donate to Holy Family online!

Click the link above to sign up for the WeShare online giving program.

Thank you for all you do for Holy Family!

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