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Fr. Thomas Naidu

Fr. Thomas Naidu

Associate Pastor

(920) 921-0580 x145

Rev. Thomas Naidu was born at Chennai, in India on October 25, 1973. He was the firstborn to his parents Joachim and Regina Mary and his only younger sister Precillia Aleena Mary was married and has two daughters. He was educated in the Christian Institutions throughout his schooling in the capital city of Chennai for the state of Tamil Nadu in India.

Being inspired, attracted, motivated and encouraged by his religious teachers, missionaries and his pastors, he opted to become a priest. This decision pained his mother initially, because he was the only son in the family. The pastors and religious teachers in his school were his great role models to enter into a religious life. However, he was recruited by an Irish missionary to become a Missionary for the service around the world, as the Church is in a great need. Thomas Naidu entered into the seminary after finishing his schooling in June1992, and was ordained to the Apostolic Missionary Life under a diocesan order from India on December 21, 2003 by the Brazilian Archbishop after twelve years of formation internationally.

Rev. Thomas Naidu had the opportunities to undergo the trainings and to extend his pastoral ministry in the Asian countries, Africa, South America including the Amazon, and is presently serving for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin since June 2015. The Holy Family Catholic Community and the city of Fond du Lac is his first arrival point in the United States of America.