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Holy Family App

Holy Family App

We are pleased to announce that we now have a “Holy Family App” for your phones and tablets.  Just look for Holy Family Catholic Community or Holy Family Fond du Lac in your App store for Android or Apple. Or, for iPhone users text hffdl1 to 555888 or Android users text hffdl2 to 555888 to download the App. You can find information, readings, prayers and subscribe to message feeds that are of interest you to;
like being informed of prayer requests so you can pray for your fellow parishioners; or

  • if you have children in our formation programs you can receive updates as they come up; or
  • see requests for volunteering or how to help your neighbors in faith and
  • much more! 

You can also send us your prayer requests and find photos from events. Pope Francis reminds us that we have to be where our flock is, and we know it’s hard to build a feeling of community in such a large parish. We know many of you are connected to your phones, so we hope this will help us connect with each other.  Of course, the bulletin and website aren’t going away just because we have this new app.

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