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Christmas Mass Schedule

Christmas Mass Schedule

December 24, 2019 - December 25, 2019

Christmas Eve—Tuesday, December 24
    4:00 pm    Sacred Heart
    4:00 pm    St. Mary
    4:00 pm    St. Peter
    4:15 pm    Holy Family
    6:00 pm    Presentation
    7:00 pm    St. Mary (Spanish)
    10:30 pm  Holy Family (incense free)
    Midnight    Sacred Heart

Christmas Day—Tuesday, December 25
    8:00 am    St. Peter
    9:00 am    Sacred Heart
    10:00 am  St. Mary
    10:00 am  Our Risen Savior
    11:00 am  Holy Family

Prelude music begins 15 minutes before each Mass. Please come early and enjoy!
Use of incense is at the discretion of the presider

Christmas Seating
One of the great joys of the Christmas Holy Day is getting families together from near and far. It’s wonderful when they can attend Mass together, as well. As we all know, THE most crowded Masses are the earliest ones on Christmas Eve. Our ushers are put in the “no-win-situation” of trying to find seating for parishioners when individuals have staked out entire pews, “saving them for family members.” This is unfair for all those people who come early and have to stand anyway. Once again, at all of our Christmas Masses this year, it will be strictly – FIRST COME, FIRST SEATED – meaning no one will be allowed to save seats. The only exception will be one or two pews on the side aisle; a reservation for which was part of our Gala silent auction items. Please instruct your family members accordingly, or consider coming to Mass at 10:30 pm, Midnight Mass, or on Christmas Day itself when there’s room for everyone to be seated. Thank You.