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Special Concert Presentation

Special Concert Presentation

July 17, 2018

Goethes Groove Connection
from Emmingdingen, Germany
Tuesday, July 17, 7:00 pm at Holy Family Church
Wednesday, July 18, 7:15 pm at Buttermilk Creek Park
(joint concert with FdL High School Summer Band)

Goethes Groove Connection is a 25 piece “big band” comprised of students in grades 9 to 12, and affiliated with Goethe High School. Organized in 2003 by Director Joachim Muller, the ensemble focuses on Swing, Rock, and Latin Jazz, along with Funk and Hip-hop styles.

Hosted by FdL Symphonic Band, Holy Family Catholic Community, FdL Music Parents, FdL High School Summer Band, and FdL Children's Chorale, under the auspices of the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp International Touring Program.