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Rectory Project

New Rectory (Click to view image)

First Floor Plan (Click to view image)

Second Floor Plan (Click to view image)

In recent months, Holy Family Catholic Community conducted a facility study to look at maintenance needed at our sites and rectories. Quickly, it became clear: our rectories were in need of significant repairs, which in total, would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to make.

A sampling of these repairs include:

  • The Sacred Heart Rectory, built in the 1970s, is in need of a new boiler and boiler piping system, new roof, windows. Much of the furniture, carpeting, flooring, and countertops are original to the home. The cost of these repairs is estimated at $450,000.
  • The St. Peter Rectory experiences substantial leaking through its basement walls, which, along with the foundation will need to be replaced in the near future.

Rectory Front View

Holy Family was faced with the question: Make these repairs, or build a new rectory, which would benefit the lives of our priest team and parishioners alike?

In conversations with the Holy Family Pastoral and Finance Councils, and later, a Rectory Committee, the parish priest team and staff found support for a new rectory for the opportunities it provided. Rather than making continual investments in aging facilities, building a rectory which would meet the needs of the priest team for years to come would allow for funds to be directed to other maintenance and repair needed at our six sites.

Rectory Back View

As priests leave the seminary, an increased number are seeking to live in community with other priests. By building a rectory that would offer aspects of both communal and private living, Holy Family Catholic Community could draw more priests to select the parish as their placement and, offer a home to senior priests in our area if they, too, desire this setting.

Rectory Right Side View

Holy Family envisions a new rectory where its priest team can live in community, all while remaining close to the parish headquarters. Recently, a purchase of land just south of Holy Family and the Parish Office was made possible through the generous support of two very supportive benefactors.

Rectory Left Side View

This "hub" placement would benefit not only the priests, but the parishioners as there will be public space available for meetings and gatherings.

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How to Give

If you are interested in contributing to the Holy Family Rectory Project, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Check: Please make your check out to Holy Family Catholic Community and note "rectory campaign" in the memo line. You will receive a letter from Holy Family, which will serve as your receipt. 
  • Online: Click the Donate button at the top of this page, and you will be taken to our online donation system, WeShare. You will receive a letter from Holy Family which will serve as your receipt.
  • Stock: Contact the Holy Family’s Financial Advisor Patrick Ellestad at Edward Jones. His email is Patrick.ellestad@edwardjones.com and his phone number 920-907-9511. You will receive a letter from Holy Family which will serve as your receipt.