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Perpetual Adoration

Holy Family Catholic Community will be starting Perpetual Adoration at the Sacred Heart Adoration chapel. The goal is to have three people for each hour of the day. Having three people each hour of each day of the week means we need an additional 333 Catholics to dedicate one hour of adoration each week. You are encouraged to look at your schedule and consider this wonderful gift; a gift to the Lord, a gift to you, a gift for our parish and Archdiocese. Perpetual Adoration lasts as long as Our Lord's love for us in the Blessed Sacrament lasts, which is forever! As long as Jesus loves us enough to want to be with us day and night, then WE want to love Him enough to be with Him day and night! JESUS is waiting for YOU!

About Adoration

For information on Adoration please see our Adoration page HERE.

Sign-up to be an Adorer

Please fill in the form below and we will contact you about scheduling. Thank you for making time to pray before the Lord.